Carolyn Thompson

Executive Coach - Entrepreneuer - Speaker

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Having worked with thousands of coaching clients from around the globe, I’ve been fortunate to learn so much from each and every person.  Making introductions and leading with a “give first” mentality , allows me to assist people and teams find the answers they already know, but maybe just don’t recognize at first pass.

About Me

I grew up in Omaha, NE, attended Kansas State University and went on to work for large, international companies before venturing out on my own entrepreneurial journey.   I’ve since started 7 companies in several different industry verticals, and successfully exited 4, with the remaining 3 still operating. 

The common theme amongst all these experiences was people. 

All relationships, personal or professional, are built on a foundation of trust.  The level of trust we perceive is a direct reflection on the intensity of the relationship, and sets the expectations we have about various scenarios.

The root of all conflict is unmet expectations.   Conflict that is in alignment with core values is functional; it often leads to innovation, discovery and a new way of looking at or doing things.  Conflict that is in misalignment with core values is dysfunctional; this often leads to some dissolution, terminus end, or some sort of change that involves a separation of some sort. 

Human beings are often driven to avoid pain, not seek pleasure.  We go out of our way to avoid making the same mistake twice because the errors of the past can be painful.  Alternatively, sometimes it’s difficult to quickly recall things that went well, or were easily accomplished.  

Many people look for jobs, putting pay first.  Others allow recruiters to drive their career paths, rather than planning moves out based on the work that’s most enjoyable.  Whatever the reason you might be thinking about making a move, make sure the change you ignite for yourself is propelling you towards your end goals.   


My Values & Beliefs


Working with an executive coach is a personal decision, and your privacy is paramount.

Mutual Respect

The only thing you can’t create more of is time.  Schedules are set in advance, so of course, things will come up as the calendar evolves over time.   


The basis of all relationships are built on the foundation of trust.  Honsety and transparency is key to building that foundation of trust.  

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