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Carolyn Thompson, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and a Hogan Certified Career Coach, works one on one with corporate executives, business entrepreneurs and people moving up the corporate ladder.

Executive Coaching – Personal Programs


*packages are non-transferrable, non-refundable and expire 12 months from date of purchase

Carolyn has worked with a wide variety of corporations and individuals on an array of topics including:


  • Leadership development
  • Organizational planning and development
  • Non-profit board training
  • VPs/Directors/Senior Managers managing transition into C-Suite
  • C-level executives seeking ideas to improve personal and/or corporate performance
  • Middle Managers looking to make Executive
  • Experiencing feelings of frustration or anger in the workplace
  • Having trouble keeping a job and /or getting promoted
  • Looking to make a major career change
  • Wanting to start your own business
  • Creating marketing and business plans
  • Expanding your current business, new marketing ideas, new sales opportunities
  • Individualized one on one outplacement program
  • Looking for a new job and need help on developing a job search strategy
  • Improving interpersonal communication skills
  • Networking…Introducing you to other people you can learn from in similar positions
  • Feeling like you are at a dead end and just generally frustrated with where your career is
  • Finding a new job has been difficult: a lot of interviews with no offers, not getting the interviews you want, sending out a lot of resumes with very little response or just not sure how to go about finding the job you want
  • Bounce an idea or presentation off someone objective before presenting to a decision maker; Your coach is the perfect person to help you perfect your content and your presentation skills
  • Clarifying your career vision and creating a career ladder to reach your goal
  • Wanting to improve their image by fostering better relationships within an organization
  • Workplace issues and frustrations
  • Professionals with English as a second language who need to improve their business communications skills
  • One on one resume preparation and strategic job search planning
  • Writing a bestseller
  • Launching or re-launching a business or brand

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